Últimos proyectos de modelado 3D y composición para VFX


El vino Macabeu de AVGVSVTVS FORVM, un vi que neix en un bosc, una idea perfecta per a una petita fantasia, lligada a la terra, a la naturalesa i a la nostra cultura. Espero us agradi 🙂

El vino Macabeu de AVGVSVTVS FORVM, un vino que nace en un bosque, una idea perfecta para una pequeña fantasía, ligada a la tierra, a la naturaleza y a nuestra cultura. Espero os guste 🙂

VFX Reel under construction 😛

REEL VFX 2019. Juan Corso from Juan Corso on Vimeo.

This is my VFX demo reel, one of my passions, the other is the heritage survey Lidar and photogrammetry, I hope some day to join these two lines, in more artistic and creative projects. This is what I most desire, no matter what effort I have to make, I hope to achieve this one day. Thank you for watching the reel, even more if you give me advice, to improve and reach this dream that I have had for so long.

Hi, I’m Juan Corso

Hi, I’m Juan Corso, an architect who loves 3D, with extensive experience in 3D technologies related to architecture, 3D surveys (LiDAR photogrammetry), apps, RV, RA. I am also an associate professor in architectural representation at the UPC University in Barcelona, ​​representing projects, etc. The last 2 years I have focused on developing post-production projects and visual effects, due to the personal need to reach this sector. This reel is the result of that, I hope to improve it over time and I hope to learn a little more each day and see that improvement, I will appreciate any comments or recommendations.

Apps: Barcino 3D https://apps.apple.com/es/app/barcino-3d/id905195071

LiDAR + Photogrametry + motion graphics: https://vimeo.com/346379805

LiDAR + Photogrametry + optimization: https://vimeo.com/346092383

I would appreciate any comment. Thank you!

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